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Industrial Shredding

We offer industrial shredding services to the public. All paper and documents are sent through our hogging machine and torn into tiny shreds used to furbish new paper products! We do not have a set up to where you may watch your personal documents be shredded- this is for your own personal safety and the safety of our workers. We accept ANY kind of mixed paper! We charge 10 cents a pound for shredding after the first 100 pounds. If you bring less than 100 pounds in, there's no cost to you! Certificate of Destruction is available upon request.

Asheville Waste Paper Company Inc. takes reasonable measures to ensure all materials are handled and destroyed in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to document destruction. NOTE: ASHEVILLE WASTE PAPER COMPANY INC. IS NOT HIPPAA CERTIFIED FOR DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION. WE DO NOT ACCEPT MATERIALS FOR WHICH HIPAA DESTRUCTION IS REQUIRED.

24/7 Cardboard Drop Off Zone

We have a unique set up with a large yard to the direct left of our front office that is available for you and your family to drop off loads of cardboard at any time, making recycling easier than ever and more convenient for the working community!

Just pull up and back into the yard and throw your cardboard out as far back as you can. That's it! No charge and no hassle!

Flatbed Pickups for Baled Cardboard

If you have a larger business that produces large quantities of cardboard we offer a pick-up service for baled cardboard. Whether you already have a machine to bale the cardboard or if you are interested in acquiring a baler we can help! We can schedule pick up for weekly or monthly or can put your business on an on call basis. These services are usually for businesses that produce a truckload of cardboard at least once a month and have LARGE VOLUME they need moved that is already in a baled form. Minimum weight is 8,000 pounds per pick up. Call us today for a free price quote! 

Loose Cardboard Trailer Loads

If you have a business that has lots of loose cardboard waste, we do offer a trailer swap out option. We would bring you an empty van trailer and when it gets full we come and pick it up and leave your business a new empty one! Cardboard is weighed by the pound and amounts picked up can be no less than 8, 000 pounds per haul. These services are usually for businesses that produce a truckload of cardboard at least once a month and have LARGE VOLUME they need moved. Call us today for a free price quote!



Loose Cardboard by the Pound

We sell loose cardboard from  our Cardboard Yard to the public and work with several local Landscaping & Garden companies to provide cardboard for mulching purposes. If you have a need for scrap loose cardboard, come on down and see us! 

Gaylord Boxes 

 Gaylord Boxes are $20.00 each plus tax 

Pallets for Sale 

Red, Blue or Block Based Pallets- $1.25 each 

Regular 48x40 Pallets- $5.00 each 

Baling Wire by the Bundle

$100.00 each plus tax 

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