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Paper- All kinds of paper including: Newspaper, White Paper, Print Mix (usually from printing shops), and Sorted Office Waste.

Cardboard- Any cardboard is accepted unless contaminated with food, grease or oils. We accept boxes, cardboard inserts, cardboard wrapping paper etc. 


Paper products with any kind of foil or grease or food contamination.

Aluminum Cans/Foil


Motor Oil Bottles

Metal Items

Garbage/trash bags

No chip bags or food item bags

No Styrofoam products

Wood Items or wood pallets

Styrofoam cups and plates

Plastic Grocery Bags

Carry Out Containers

Plastic Silverware

ANY kind of Plastic

Why you ask? When paper is sent to the paper mill to be re-processed the machines are unable to filter out food, grease, wax, plastic and foil mixed in with or directly on the paper product.

 To remove contamination from paper once it gets to the paper mill, the paper is forced through screens with holes of different sizes and shapes to remove contaminants such as globs of glue and bits of plastic.

After all the contaminants have been removed, the paper turns to a pulp and then goes through a ink removal process to remove any pre-existing ink on the recycled paper.

Paper then gets refined, stripped of any remaining color, and bleached. In the final stage of the paper recycling process, the cleaned paper pulp is then ready to be used in the production of new paper!

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